Cleaner Sounds
Any event big or small - With music for all occasions

Our work

We can tailor what we offer to suit your event and price, e.g. a small event in a pub with 50 people to an outside May Ball type event with 2,500 people.

To give you an idea of what we can do, here is what we would provide in our standard wedding package:

• 6 uplighters (for around the walls of the venue)

• Overhead lighting including 3 lasers
(for the dance floor)

• A unique star cloth

• KV2 sound equipment

Prior to your wedding we will discuss with you the music you want on your special day. We will ask you for your playlist of your favourite tunes, and especially, your first dance.

We provide request slips and pens on the tables so that your guests may request their favourite songs. We will also play background music as your guests arrive to help set the mood and provide you with a radio microphone for speeches, should you require one.

Andy and John are the only DJs in Cleaner Sounds, and they always work together, which means that you will have got to know them beforehand and can be assured that it will be Andy and John who will be DJ’ing at your event. This ensures that you will always know who you will be getting. Andy and John will always be smartly dressed (no jeans, tee-shirts or trainers) and neither of them smoke or drink alcohol thus ensuring professional standards at all times.