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I have been a DJ for approx. 45 years (boy and man) and it is something I love doing. I was a founder member of the Cambridge Discotheque Association in the 1970s and 80s and part of what we did included supporting local charities with fund raising events.

I have DJ’d at all sorts of events – birthdays, anniversaries, clubs, summer balls, university galas, etc. but one of my top passions is weddings.

I have been doing weddings for about 35 years and in all that time I have never had a complaint from anyone about the standard of the entertainment provided.

I have a vast knowledge of music and I always use the best equipment, e.g. sound and lighting to ensure our customers have the best entertainment experience for their special event.


Disc Jockey or DJ [definition]

1. a person who conducts a radio broadcast consisting of recorded music, informal talk, commercial announcements, etc.

2. a person who selects, plays, and announces records at a discotheque.